Into Space

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Into Space
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Game Name: Into Space
Description: Launch a rocket into the skies with the goal of reaching space in the shortest amount of days possible.
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31.10.10, 22:45:40

Several things: (1) You can get the band and launcher up to max and then one level of e-rocket and then get all three badges at once. all Just launch straight up after getting these things and use the e-rocket right before you start to fall back down and you will be in space. (2) Or you can get up really high and parachute down; therefore increasing your time sramatically, increase your multiplier, and grab coins as you fall. Just don't hit any launch pads. Or you can just get lucky and upgrade band, launch, and e-rocket. Start by upgrading two points in band and two points in launch. On you first launch try to hit as many platforms as you can and keep at a slight angle to the right or left, until you see a green or yellow pad you can/need to hit. There worth $5 and $10 so get them! Great Game.


24.10.11, 11:23:29


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