Madness - Premeditation

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Madness - Premeditation
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Game Name: Madness - Premeditation
Description: Here is a puzzle game with a lot of action. You can plan Hank`s actions in time as well as in space. His objective is to kill his opponent. First of all, you need to choose a suitable weapon, then plan his itinerary, then mark attack points and finally see what happens as a result. The more points you gain, the more weapons Hank will have at his disposal.
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07.10.10, 12:13:39

Interesting concept, but the problem is that the puzzle elements are actually more of the annoying guessing type of elements. The game should not require you to fail at the first attempt just because things moves in a different way than you thought. I'd also like to see a button that you click when you are ready to start a new level and the restart and action buttons should be in opposite corners to avoid any accidental clicks.


07.10.10, 12:14:26

Interesting concept, but it could use some work. Mainly fix up the targeting on the movement path. If it overlaps it becomes near impossible to choose which time period you want.

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